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DirtyTony – Marten James & Rob Stonebridge

DirtyTony Marten James Rob StonebridgeDownload DirtyTony – Marten James & Rob Stonebridge with Direct link.

DT-MartenJames-RobStonebridge.mp4 [489.39 MB]

Rob Stonebridge is a bit sore from his workout. So, what else can a true buddy do, but offer to help him loosing things up a bit. And Marten James thinks he knows just how to help his buddy out. So the two strip down to their skivies and Marten starts off working his buddy’s feet, slowly kneading them until he feels the tension evaporate. Then he works his way up Rob’s legs until he winds up on his ass. He peels down Rob’s underwear and then starts licking his toes. Then he gets his tongue between Rob’s ass cheeks, runs his tongue around the edge and starts tongue fucking his buddy. Rob is loving every minute of it if his curled toes are any indication. Marten decides it’s time to give Rob’s cock a taste, and flips his buddy over to suck him off while he fingers his tight hole. Then, it’s Rob’s turn to get his throat stretched a bit on Marten’s cock, and he goes right to it. He works his way down the shaft and then onto his balls and butt crack. Rob straddles Marten’s cock and slides down on the raw shaft until his buddy is balls deep in him. Then all of a sudden, Marten unleashes a pounding on Rob and plows his hole deep before he flips him over, hoists his legs in the air, and bangs his ass hard. Marten starts edging himself close, and Rob welcomes each stoke on his hot hole. But Marten wants to get deeper in his buddy, so he flips Rob onto all fours, and unleashes a final hot hard pounding on him. He jams his cock in deep and hard, then at the last second, he pulls out and lets loose with gushers of cum that roll down the crack of Robs flexing hole before he goes back in to deliver the last few drops directly into Rob’s ass. Rob flips onto his back and blows his load. His first shot goes right to his armpit, and he continues until his abs are fully glazed in cum.


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