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CollegeDudes – Ty Royal & Taylor Pierce

CollegeDudes Ty Royal Taylor PierceDownload CollegeDudes – Ty Royal & Taylor Pierce with Direct link.

CD-TyRoyal-TaylorPierce.mp4 [342.92 MB]

Ty Royal seems more assertive, but it’s Taylor Pierce who reaches for Ty’s big dick first, grabbing at it over Ty’s clothes before pulling his boxers down and wrapping his wet mouth around it! Ty pushes Taylor’s mouth farther down over his cock, running a hand along Taylor’s body, feeling those muscles work as he strokes Ty’s prick.
Ty gets a mouthful of sweet cock next as he leans down and sucks Taylor off, playing with his balls before flipping him around and eating Taylor’s tight little ass!
As much as Taylor loves that rimjob, Ty wants to fuck and bends Taylor over and slowly pushes his dick inside of him, filling him up with his fat cock before fucking him with it hard and deep!
Taylor moans as Ty’s cock slides in and out, and as Taylor’s ass gets used to Ty’s size, Ty picks up the pace and gets a little more rough with Taylor. Taylor spreads his legs wide open for Ty, inviting him to get closer and fuck him harder until Ty is spraying Taylor with his hot cum and Taylor strokes out a big load next!


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