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BadPuppy – Landon Williams & Tyler Danials

BadPuppy Landon Williams Tyler DanialsDownload BadPuppy – Landon Williams & Tyler Danials with Direct link.

BP-TylerDaniels-LandonWilliams.mp4 [1.02 GB]

25 year old Landon Williams was looking for a room to rent when he contacted 24 year old Tyler Danials. Landon liked the room; but, asked if there was any way to work out the deposit. With a kiss on Landon’s lips, Tyler told him that they could work something out. Kissing each other intently on the lips, Tyler’s hands work on the buttons of Landon’s shirt. With each button he unclasps, Tyler plants a kiss on Landon’s chest until the shirt is unbuttoned and he lets it slide off and hit the floor. Tyler drops to his knees, unbuttons Landon’s jeans and slides them to the floor, his face rubbing Landon’s underwear. Tyler grabs Landon’s underwear, pulls them down revealing a thick and long cock which Tyler sucks as far down his throat as possible. Lying back on the bed Tyler continues to service Landon until he’s ready for Landon’s cock up his ass. Kneeling on the bed, Landon spits into Tyler’s ass, lubing it up for his very large cock. Pushing Tyler face down on the bed, Landon shoves his cock deep into Tyler’s ass and begins fucking him with hard, long and deep thrusts. Two positions of fucking later, Landon grabs his cock in hand and while jerking it furiously he pumps a thick load of jizz all over Tyler’s face and chest. In turn, Tyler is definitely excited as he blows his load of creamy cum all over his stomach.


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