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SeanCody – Miller

April 20, 2016 | Sean Cody , , | no comments

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Miller was adorable when Sean Cody met him at his hotel room. He just woke up but seemed excited because it was his first time in California.

“The weather is beautiful here! I touched down yesterday, stepped outside and smelled the salt in the air… I’m loving it so far!”

They went off to the beach to go kayaking and he was really eager to start. Of course, he had to show off that great booty of his.

“This is gonna be the first time I’m kayaking, so I’m pretty excited!” You could see the huge smile on his face while he hopped into the kayak.

After that workout, they had to get back to the studio. Miller confessed that kayaking got him really horny, so he wanted to take care of that right away.


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