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MormonBoyz – ELDER DUDLEY & ELDER SORENSEN Companionship Splits

April 25, 2016 | MormonBoyz , | no comments

MormonBoyz ELDER DUDLEY & ELDER SORENSEN Companionship SplitsDownload MormonBoyz – ELDER DUDLEY & ELDER SORENSEN Companionship Splits with Direct link.

MMB-ElderDudley-ElderSorensen-CompanionshipSplits.mp4 [852.96 MB]

Elder Dudley and Elder Sorensen have been very busy recently satisfying the sexual desires of the older men of The Order.

Passed back and forth between the handsome father-figures, eager to please them and prove their worth, the boys are happy and exhausted.

As eager as President Oaks is to continue the initiation process for the two extraordinarily handsome boys, he knows their tender holes could use a break.

So he pairs the boys for the evening and sends them home on what is called “splits” in a temporary companionship, to get some rest in a missionary apartment.

As Dudley Sorensen leave the temple together, both boys are hiding a crush on the other.

Despite all of the sex they’ve both enjoyed, the two boys feel a little too shy to initiate things themselves.

Elder Sorensen keeps sneaking glances at the taller boy. Now that he has let his priesthood leaders penetrate his tight, hairless hole, he’s curious to know what it would be like to go for a ride on this young stud’s cock. And Elder Dudley is totally infatuated with the angelic boy he has been paired with for the night.

As the two take the bus to the apartment, they don’t say a word to each other, or to anyone else on the bus for that matter.


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