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ChaosMen – Cliff & Truman – Serviced

May 5, 2016 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Cliff Truman ServicedDownload ChaosMen – Cliff & Truman – Serviced with Direct link.

CM-Cliff-Truman.mp4 [453.76 MB]

Truman has been doing some of the Serviced videos, and Bryan was little worried about doing the massage table theme with him. There is a certain ceremony to it. He was wrong to be worried!

Cliff is gay so was turned on at the thought that Truman would be rubbing all over him.

Truman nails this massage theme. Oiling up Cliff, eating his ass, and sucking his hard cock like a pro. The daddy vibe is strong in this video, but also the chemistry between them is electric!

Truman gets his dicked sucked too, and since Cliff is local, Bryan is going to have him come back and do some of the servicing on the newbies. Cliff has got skills!

Their timing is astounding!

Cliff crawls up onto Truman’s chests and busts his load all over his face. Truman was stroking his cock, edging. Just after Cliff cums, Truman says he is about to cum, so Cliff spins around quickly, grabs his cock to make him cum!

With Cliff’s cum splattered all over his face, Truman‘s entire body spasms as his own cock begins dumping out a giant load! Watching Truman writhe around in ecstasy, with cum all over his face, is just perfection!

Cliff licks up the goopy cum then spins back around and gives Truman a cum-soaked kiss!

This one is FANTASTIC!


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