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RagingStallion – Backstage Pass – Colt Rivers & Tex Davidson

RagingStallion Backstage Pass Colt Rivers Tex DavidsonDownload RagingStallion – Backstage Pass – Colt Rivers & Tex Davidson with Direct link.

RS-ColtRivers-TexDavidson.mp4 [923.62 MB]

Whether Colt Rivers has a hankering for an older man or for a huge cock, it’s win-win when he connects backstage with furry hunk Tex Davidson.

Their two pairs of black gym shorts drop to the ground in an instant. Tex is equipped with a furry chest, sporadic ink and a fat cock for Colt to wrap his lips around. Colt handles Tex’s balls, as Tex grabs ahold of Colt’s neck, and Colt impales his throat on Tex’s big dick.

Much as he likes being sucked, Ted wants to taste Colt’s tight ass. He grabs one cheek in each hand and corkscrews his tongue clockwise while Colt gyrates his ass the opposite direction, winking his hole the entire time.

With his ass dripping, Colt needs to be fucked hard immediately. Tex satisfies his desires in three noisy, hole-stretching positions. They separate and tongue fuck each other’s mouths, grasping their cocks and thrashing them fiercely into spewing steaming loads that quake their bodies.


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