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MormonBoyz – Elder Lindsay – Setting Apart

May 19, 2016 | MormonBoyz , | no comments

MormonBoyz Elder Lindsay Setting ApartDownload MormonBoyz – Elder Lindsay – Setting Apart with Direct link.

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Elder Lindsay has always been an eager initiate and today is no different. As he enters the Temple, to be set apart, he feels his erection already straining against his trousers.

Where Lindsay’s missionary companion, Elder Ricci, had his doubts about joining The Order, Lindsay had no problem surrendering to the Brethen, letting them fill his mouth and tight, young ass with their massive cocks all through his vetting and initiation.

Bishop Angus whose thick muscular body, masterfully dominated Lindsay’s holes during the inspection, even feels like a father to him, and he wants to make sure he stays a good young son and does everything he’s told.

Lindsay is especially grateful to Brother Johnson, the handsome ward mission leader who invited him to join The Order after discovering Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci going at it in the church. Lindsay finds himself still thinking about the boyish blonde man and his long hot dick as he winds his way through the dark passages of the Temple.

Deep, powerful voices filter through the walls and Lindsay follows their sounds. His cock is now begging for release from his pants, but he continues on.

He finds himself in a black room surrounded by three men in the priesthood. They too, are like fathers, with their hard jaws and salt and pepper hair. Lindsay’s mouth begins to water. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to please them.

The men order him to get on his knees. They wordlessly unzip their flies and release their already hard dicks from the confines of the sacred underwear.

Elder Lindsay’s mouth begins to water as he sees the three thick cocks he must service. He immediately swallows one and wraps his fingers around the other two. As he feels these men’s powerful cocks pulsing in his hands and his throat, he is grateful. He can’t wait for their thick hot loads of cum to cover his face and prepare him for the final step in his journey to the higher priesthood.


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