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Str8hell – Petr Plodner – SPANKING

June 14, 2016 | Str8hell , | no comments

Str8hell Petr Plodner SPANKINGDownload Str8hell – Petr Plodner – SPANKING with Direct link.

STR8H-PetrPlodner.mp4 [736.44 MB]

Petr Plodner is one very sexy guy. In this spanking sene he his shackled to the bed as he strains to escape. Wearing just his underwear his ankles and wrists pull against his ropes. Then his tormentor arrives and starts to whip Petr. He moans as the whip lands repeatedly on his chest and his legs. Then his chest is slapped and his nipples get pulled too. It seems that his underwear is bulging with some hard cock as he received the punishment. The whip is used on his legs and feet as Petr jerks with each stroke. A rope with clamps is passed around his neck and his nipples feel the clamps closing on them. Those nipples are pulled and then Petr is whipped again. His feet get some special attention, being whipped and spanked. Then the underwear is off and Petr’s swollen cock is on show as the rope is wrapped under the balls. Petr is moved, onto his knees, back to camera for more whipping, after having his cock and balls yanked on. The whip lands all over his back and ass. He his bent over to make his ass available for spanking, as his balls dangle between his legs. As the spanking continues the clamps are attached to his balls and cock. The whip lands all over the ass as Petr moans. Then he is turned over and he wanks his cock as he feels the heavy hands landing on his chest. As he wanks his stiff dick it releases his creamy load to end a very hot session.


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