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TitanMen – Blueprint – Eric Nero & Max Sargent

June 22, 2016 | TitanMen , , | no comments

TitanMen Blueprint Eric Nero Max SargentDownload TitanMen – Blueprint – Eric Nero & Max Sargent with Direct link.

TM-EricNero-MaxSargent.mp4 [720.58 MB]

Big Load Cement Company wants a job with Big D, who’s impressed with Max Sargent’s firm handshake. “Years of handling big cement pipe,” smiles Max, rubbing his bulge. Eric opens wide to engulf Max’s thick slab, his nose tickling the muscle dad’s pubes: “Slide your mouth all the way down!” Max licks his lips and swallows Eric’s meat, begging him to fuck his face. Eric’s eyes roll up as he gets eaten and fucked, the bottom backing all the way down as he slams Max’s bush. Eric sits on it, his meat frantically flopping. Max licks Eric’s pit, then reaches around to stroke the bottom. Eric gets on his back (“Hammer my ass!”), his big balls soon coated in cum.


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