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DrillMyHole – The New Exclusive Charlie Pattinson – Charlie Pattinson & Alex Mecum –

DrillMyHole The New Exclusive Charlie Pattinson Alex Mecum Men.comDownload Drill MY Hole – The New Exclusive Charlie Pattinson – Charlie Pattinson & Alex Mecum – with Direct link.

MEN-TheNewExclusiveCharliePattinson.mp4 [622.83 MB]

See the new kid in action — you won’t want to miss Charlie Pattinson’s debut.


  1. Ana Xavier says: June 24, 2016

    You will not have the lower resolutions?
    I love your site 🙂

    • Lou B (TECH) says: June 26, 2016

      We will add quality switching to all the videos on our site. Please be patient. Converting ’em one-by-one is a time consuming task.

  2. Stuxnet says: June 25, 2016

    Condom Free: Daniel Mathis, Brian Jovovich
    Please 😉

  3. rama says: June 25, 2016

    to much data is used, convert please admin 🙁

  4. Ryan says: June 25, 2016

    love your site 😀 pls make back the 720p,480p,360p video quality back pls 🙂

  5. flynn says: June 25, 2016

    Hi fellas,
    I’ve been using your site for a while – and it’s great!, so THANKS for your HUGE amount of work. I’ve got a general inquiry, however I can’t work out out where to make such an inquiry to you – there is no ‘contact us’ link and the ‘Members’ link just seems to lead to joining up to WordPress. Can you enlighten me as to how make a general inquiry, please?

    The particular query is that recently it occurred that download links on ALL posts dated before 1 January 2015 no longer work – every download link just leads to a page that states:
    “We’ll be back soon!
    Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. If you need to you can always Leave a message, otherwise we’ll be back online shortly!
    — netDNA Team”
    This only started happening I believe in the past 7-14 days. Are you moving those archives to a new server or something?

    cheers, flynn

  6. orphy says: June 25, 2016

    Found in some previous comments:

    Lou B (TECH) says: June 19, 2016

    We are still patching vulnerabilities of our servers. We will release quality switching feature as soon as the system health reached 80%.

    Lou B (Mod) says: June 18, 2016

    Hey guys, Lou here. We were able to fix the issue with download servers.
    Thant’s right netDNA is online again. But only downloads from June 1st are released from maintenance until issue is patched completely.

    netDNA streaming + downloads are now compatible with any device/browser.

    • flynn says: June 26, 2016

      thanks for the info, orphy 🙂
      so they were comments just in a particular post or is there somewhere one canfind such general comments?

      cheers, flynn

  7. J says: June 25, 2016

    Hi, please add “Christopher Daniels & Trent Locke” (Right Here Right Now) in hd. It’s a great scene, but I can only find it in terrible quality around the web. I know there’s a HD version somewhere. Please.

  8. cesar says: June 25, 2016

    thank you very much for keeping us informed hope that the system is resolved soon to access different forms of video quality, many for everything they do and for their fantastic site

  9. newboy1218 says: September 6, 2017

    hi, i cant buy the member.. when i click on the button it doesnt work =( how can I buy the membership?

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