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SeanCody – Jack creampies Jayden – Bareback

June 26, 2016 | Sean Cody , , , | no comments

SeanCody Jack creampies Jayden BarebackDownload SeanCody – Jack creampies Jayden – Bareback with Direct link.

SC-Jack-Jayden.mp4 [813.48 MB]

There’s nothing like two hot guys playing some basketball with their shirts off, and getting all hot and bothered by each other’s competitive nature and sweaty bodies. Jack won the game, so game two ensued and the sexual tension intensified.
“Game two is my dick in his ass!” Jack was ready to play another “sport”, and Jayden responded to that with a smile. “Everybody is a winner in that game!”
Jack never disappoints with his enthusiasm, “I’m looking forward to having sex with this guy and fucking his ass really hard! I’m super excited!” He is the sweetest guy, but when it comes to fucking, he’s an animal!
Jack likes to give it his all, and that means rough and hard! Jayden had no opposition to that. “And I’m looking forward to being on the receiving end of exactly that. It’s gonna be a good time!


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