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ChaosMen – Zak Fit rubs one out – Solo

June 27, 2016 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Zak Fit rubs one out SoloDownload ChaosMen – Zak Fit rubs one out – Solo with Direct link.

CM-ZakFit.mp4 [362.24 MB]

Zak is a hot 28-year-old dude, who says he is ‘mostly’ straight. He fooled around a bit with guys when he was young, and now occasionally likes to swap oral with hung dudes. He seems to like really big cocks, and thinks he has got some good cock-sucking skills.
That doesn’t sound very straight to me either.
But he watched straight porn, trying to find a girl with the perfect fat ass to stroke to while we did photos. For the video, he finally settled on a cum shot compilation, of guys busting on girls. I dunno, it seemed like that was a lot of squirting cock to watch, so maybe he is a little confused.
But he seems to own it, and I think he will make a great performer. Very laid back, and will genuinely be into the dudes he is paired with, especially if they have a big cock.
He himself has a nice 7″ cock that I swear I thought was bigger. But we measured and he was just a bit over 7 inches. Zak is 5’6″ on a good day, so maybe it is his height that makes his dick look that much bigger.
For this solo, I had him use a FleshJack. He liked it a lot and worried it might make him cum too quickly. He also shows-off his amazing ass and fingers his hole for us.
He does want to come back, and start by topping, but next week let’s check out those oral skills that he is so confident about!


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