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Str8hell – Petr Courek – HOT ASS

July 6, 2016 | Str8hell , | no comments

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STR8H-PetrCourek.mp4 [662.23 MB]

Petr Courek is such a sexy guy and he looks so good as he lays on the bed, wearing just his underwear, and rubbing himself. He pulls his throbbing cock out of his underwear and starts to wank on it. Then he lifts his legs and his hot ass is shown perfectly, with the hole looking so inviting. We wanks his dick as we enjoy that tight hole. Then he reaches down to spread the cheeks wider. A helping hand arrives and check out that ass, dripping oil all over it. The oil is rubbed all over the ass and hole as Petr’s cock is wanked too. A finger slides into his hole and Petr moans as he feels it. With his cock being wanked he feels the finger fuck his tight hole. Then a second finger goes in too, opening that hole up so well. The fingers go in right up to the knuckles and then come out again. Petr then feels a dildo pushing into his ass, stretching the lips wide as it slides in deep. His dick stays so hard as his hole gets fucked. Petr moans as the dildo works his hole and a hand wanks his cock. The dildo comes out so we can check the hole again. Then it pushes back in to fuck him some more. Petr takes it well as his tight ass gets a real good workout. He turns onto one side and the dildo fucks him some more, as his cock and balls are trapped between his thighs. One dildo comes out and is quickly replaced by another. Petr grabs his cock and wanks it as the dildo works his hole. He moves onto his knees, pushing his ass back to get more of that dildo. He moans as it fucks him and then comes out to leave the hole gaping. Then it goes in again, fucking so deep. The hole stays open as the dildo is pulled out and then shoved in again. Laying down again Petr’s cock is wanked hard as his ass is fucked hard and fast. His moaning increases as his cock releases the cum, with the dildo still deep in his hole.


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