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CorbinFisher – Sebastian & Jamie Toy With Jasper

July 22, 2016 | CorbinFisher , , , | 1 comment

CorbinFisher Sebastian Jamie Toy With JasperDownload CorbinFisher – Sebastian & Jamie Toy With Jasper with Direct link.

CF-Sebastian-Jamietoy-Jasper.mp4 [665.33 MB]

A hot girl, two hot guys, and two juicy loads! Talk about a great afternoon. Sebastian and Jasper both get double the fillings today – in two very different ways!

Jasper is rock hard as he watches Sebastian and Jamie go at it. In reverse cowgirl, Jamie rides Sebastian slowly while Jasper hungrily laps at his full balls and ass.

Then the duo turn their attention fully on Jasper. With some toys and some tricks, Jasper’s prepped and played with as the two look on. As good as it feels, it only makes Jasper pine more for the real thing. He begs Sebastian to fuck him and they’re so worked up from all the teasing that it doesn’t take long for both of them to blast their loads – resulting in Jasper being covered abs to chest!


  1. sebs says: July 22, 2016

    please option for lower res

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