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WilliamHiggins – Petr vs Roco – WRESTLING – Petr Plodner & Roco Rita

WilliamHiggins Petr vs Roco WRESTLING Petr Plodner Roco RitaDownload WilliamHiggins – Petr vs Roco – WRESTLING – Petr Plodner & Roco Rita with Direct link.

WH-PetrPlodner-RocoRita-WRESTLING.mp4 [1,007.61 MB]

Petr Plodner and Roco Rita are paired for a submission wrestling match. They look so good together as they do some warm up exercises. But it is much more than just warming up. They get naked and do some fitness training too and then engage in some arm wrestling. Then they are ready for the big match. They start the match wearing underwear, but soon lose it so that cocks and balls can swing freely as they grapple with each other. They roll all over the mats, trying to gain a good hold on each other. The asses spread naturally as they move too, giving some great views of tight holes. As the match progresses they each give their best, with Roco just seeming to edge it. After a break, where they oil each other all over, they continue the match. Roco’s prowess shows and he works his way to a fine victory. This culminates in a wank off, where Petr, as the loser, sucks on Roco’s big, hard, cock too. Then it is serious wanking and Roco wins that race, shooting his load all over the mats. Petr is not far behind, delivering a big, creamy load. After cleaning off the cocks for each other they go to the shower and wash off all the sweat and oil.


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