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KinkyAngels – Liam Efron – Interview With Liam Efron

August 4, 2016 | KinkyAngels , | no comments

KinkyAngels Liam Efron Interview With Liam EfronDownload KinkyAngels – Liam Efron – Interview With Liam Efron with Direct link.

KA-43-S6-LiamEfronInterview.mp4 [607.21 MB]

The story of Liam Effron is a long one, but here is its essence: He came to shoot for us, disappeared to try escorting, then came back repentant and vowing to take modelling seriously. If you gather that he is unpredictable- you’re right. He’s also a strange mix of lewdness, innocence and happiness and you can see a clear evolution between his earlier and later scenes.
What’s next for Liam? We have no idea. Perhaps you can ask him yourself as he contributes regularly to BelAmiChat.


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