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SeanCody – Jack fucks Manny raw

August 13, 2016 | Sean Cody , , , , | no comments

SeanCody Jack fucks Manny raw

Download SeanCody – Jack fucks Manny raw with Direct link.

Download SC-Manny-Jack.mp4 [612.16 MB]

Since Manny and Jack haven’t met before, Jack decided to introduce himself in a less conventional way…with a splash! What better way to meet somebody for the first time than being half naked together in a pool?
These two hotties really hit off, and the attraction was instant. “The chemistry is steaming right now.” Jack was clearly excited. “For sure! I’m ready for this.” Manny was prepared to take whatever was coming to him.
“I can’t wait to get my hands on you…” Jack sized Manny up. He couldn’t wait to breed and seed him, and Manny couldn’t wait to be man-handled by the friendly, but rough muscle giant.


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