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SeanCody – Daniel pounds Shaw raw

September 10, 2016 | Sean Cody , , , , | 3 comments

SeanCody Daniel pounds Shaw raw

Download SeanCody – Daniel pounds Shaw raw with Direct link.

Download SC-Shaw-Daniel.mp4 [613.55 MB]

A bouncing ball and sweaty shirtless men? Count me in! Clearly, Shaw and Daniel hit it off right from the get-go. Playing basketball was a great way to start the day, seeing as how sweat and bouncing balls is all they needed to get them all horned up!
With Daniel saying “You want some of this?” and Shaw responding eagerly “Yeah, let’s fucking do this!”, we knew this was going to be a hot fuck session.
Daniel’s wild side is exactly what Shaw needed to let loose and enjoy the ride… I think it’s safe to say that both Shaw and Daniel were left wanting more while being surrounded by so much cum!


  1. Jim says: September 10, 2016

    Tyvm Lou, Lucas!! You guys always amazing 🙂

    • Neo says: September 10, 2016

      U Guys 👉Lou Bloxham, Lucas Gustavo, John Esposito, Toby Franklin ‘N Gaybeeg Members👈 Will Always Have A Special Place In My ❤Heart. To Me U’re EXTRA ORDINARY 🙌🙌 XOXO

  2. the_watcher says: September 10, 2016

    Thanks Team, Shaw is the hottest sean cody’s men, he is out of ordinary, has genuine phisical beauty.

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