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ChaosMen – Malcolm – Solo

September 19, 2016 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Malcolm Solo

Download ChaosMen – Malcolm – Solo with Direct link.

Download CM-Malcolm.mp4 [362.41 MB]

Malcolm has crystal green eyes and a tight little body on him. He likes guys and at 20-years-old, he has been Out for 3 years.

He is calm, intelligent, and extremely personable. He seems very comfortable in his skin, and I think being Out at a young age has made him more mature than others his age.

It took a couple tries to get him to the studios. On our first attempt, he had a family emergency, but we were able to put his tickets on hold. Thankfully everything turned out fine on his end, so I was super eager to get him rescheduled in the studio.

Sexually, he is basically a Top, only trying to bottom one time previously. He was not a fan. Of course, he is young, so he might not have met the right guy/cock. But I definitely get a Top vibe from him.

For his solo, I put on some of the more recent ChaosMen TagTeam videos. That got him hard quickly and he timed his own cum shot with the guys on screen (Gerard breeding Antonio).

I love this guy’s energy, and he will be back next week to swap head. I definitely would love to get him back for more!


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