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ChaosMen – Phineas and Vander – Edge

September 22, 2016 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Phineas and Vander Edge

Download ChaosMen – Phineas and Vander – Edge with Direct link.

Download CM-Phineas-Vander.mp4 [835.87 MB]

When Phineas said he had very few limits and liked a lot of kinky stuff, Bryan was glad he had Vander in town to do an Edge video with him.

Both guys like the kink, and this Edge video is not edited in the traditional way – the guys just went for it and it is shot almost in one pass.

Props to Vander for knowing some rope skills!
Since things got out of hand, the video does run a little long.

The kinky stuff was so part of the video, that this is basically the Director’s Cut. If you don’t like this kind of action, steer clear!

Bryan’s very sure most of you will love this video!


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