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DudesRaw – Conrad Daniels Raw Fucks Jay Felon

DudesRaw Conrad Daniels Raw Fucks Jay Felon

Download DudesRaw – Conrad Daniels Raw Fucks Jay Felon with Direct link.

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Fuck buddies Jay Felon, on the left, and Conrad Daniels, wearing the glasses, hook up for this hairy fuck fest. Jay drops and “downs” Conrad’s girthy member as the camera zoom in. Spitting and swallowing, Jay, who will soon have this cock up his ass, asks, “you want to use that hole?” Docking their cocks together, Conrad’s about done with the play; he’s ready to part that hairy ass and dive in. Jay’s furry hole is soon filled with enough cock to make a man, “feel good.” Bent over and grabbing the floor, the bottom works himself back onto his partner; “I love feeling it slide in and out” Jay moans. The bottom then takes over and rides; Conrad thrusts from below. While “the King” looks on, the pair moves to a chair; damn, this fuckin’ has me “All Shook Up.” With that beefy member “matting the fur,” the two get a nice sweaty sheen on their bodies. Pulling out, the top blows onto Jay’s backside. For the bottom’s release, he has Conrad “sit and take it;” shit that was some heavy s treaming.


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