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Str8hell – Petr vs Martin – WRESTLING – Petr Plodner & Martin Neal

December 23, 2016 | Str8hell , , | no comments

Str8hell Petr vs Martin WRESTLING Petr Plodner Martin Neal

Download Str8hell – Petr vs Martin – WRESTLING – Petr Plodner & Martin Neal with Direct link.

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Petr Plodner and Martin Neal are paired up in a wrestling match. They start by doing some warming up exercises and stretches. When the match starts they are soon rolling all over the mats to get a decent hold on each other. It is Martin who prevails and takes the first point. Then they remove their underwear to wrestle naked for the remaider of the match. With cocks, balls and asses on show the whole match is much hotter to watch. Their taut bodies are entwined as they grapple with each other, with Martin continuing with some good holds and Petr responding well too. Martin builds up a healthy lead by using some great holds. But Petr keeps at it and responds with some good holds of his own. With Martin leading 7-2 they take a break to oil each other all over. With their bodies glistening with oil they resume the match and Martin continues his winning ways to score a great victory. Then they settle down to wank. They take a turn at wanking each other too before concentrating hard to see who can cum first. With Petr’s cock rock hard he is the first to shoot a nice creamy load. As he milks the cum from his cock Martin continues wanking hard until the hot cum shoots from his cock too. They clean each other’s cock and then go off to the shower to wash up.


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