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MilitaryClassified – Bobby 12th Video

January 3, 2017 | MilitaryClassified , | 2 comments

MilitaryClassified Bobby 12th Video

Download MilitaryClassified – Bobby 12th Video with Direct link.

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Today is a NEW YEAR! Yes 2017 has become a reality and I’ve now been online since 2004! In celebration of this historical event I’ve decided to bring back an old friend that we all have grown to love… BOBBY! I was shocked to get a call from the man wanting to make some Christmas money for gifts. Watch as Rob and Bobby reminisce once again and the chemistry and sparks fly. Bobby shows us that once a star always a star!Bobby hit me up out of the blue late one evening before Christmas and I was shocked to hear he wanted to come in and shoot. He was certain that he would never do more work but that’s the great thing about a straight guy his horniness always makes him change his mind. Soon I had Bobby at my doorstep one last time and looking as hot as ever. He came up with a fresh haircut and with a loaded 8 inch tool!
I didn’t set up the usual equipment for this shoot because i didn’t have a lot of notice so I put the camera in the room and set them up for the bed and just let the cameras roll Now format, no interview, nothing we’re use too, just Bobby and Rob hitting it like they use to over 10 years ago. The cameras started rolling and I wasted on time in warming up to Bobby!
I began sucking his cock and it brought back a good memory of how that piece of meat felt in my mouth and within seconds it was rock hard and the fuck was on. Bobby wasted no time in having me sit on his beautiful face which was shocking to me but he was horny and ready to do just about anything tonite. Once the BJ was in motion, Bobby was getting a little anxious and ready for some ass fucking!
Bobby fucked in his usual Porn Star status and bend me over on the bed and delivered a pounding that would make any girl scream. Bobby usually never lasts very long when he’s fucking Rob’s ass and today he delivered his load in record time. Watch as Bobby blows a load right up Rob’s ass and the aftermath was HOT! Great reaction from a true star! Welcome back Bobby and Happy New Year everyone!


  1. taytay says: January 4, 2017

    hi don’t forget to upload the newest video from Military classified LEBEAU / blowjob thanks i hope to see it here in the next few days

  2. taytay says: January 5, 2017

    and also you forgot to upload here the JACOB2CIVILIAN / 24 / 5’10” / 167 lbs / 7c – blowjob-massage
    DECLASSIFIED: 2016-11-17 11:52:53 thanks please upload it here

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