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Dirty Scout 64

January 10, 2017 | DirtyScout | no comments

Dirty Scout 64

Download Dirty Scout 64 with Direct link.

Download DS-64.mp4 [257.78 MB]360p[94 MB]

Nice 18 years old student today. He was cute, smiling all the time. And hard working, too. He was a high school student and still was able to work during evenings and on the weekends. I don’t see this kind of approach to life very often. The restaurant where he used to work got closed so he came to me for a new job. He needed one fast because his roommate was about to move out. Paying for a whole apartment is not cheap. The boy had some bartending skills so I offered him a very cool job at a night club. I was imagining my cock in his mouth during the entire interview. I think he had very high opinion about himself because my offers made him a bit offended. He told me he was not a whore. Still he was willing to show me his big fat cock. Everyone has a price.


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