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Collegedudes – Tyrese Reed & Nicko

January 13, 2017 | Collegedudes , , | no comments

Collegedudes Tyrese Reed Nicko

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Tyrese Reed and Nicko feel each other up as they make out, reaching their hands down each other’s pants and rubbing their cock and ass as they get harder by the second. Tyrese gets on his knees and goes down on Nicko, massaging that giant prick with his lips as Nicko eases it farther down his throat. Then it’s Nicko’s turn to get a taste of Tyrese’s thick meat as he takes it in his mouth and sucks on it, running his tongue up and down that hard shaft as Tyrese watches him work that cock.

They move things to the bed next and Tyrese is on his knees, ass spread and Nicko’s face buried between it, licking and rimming Tyrese’s tight little hole. Nicko teases Tyrese’s hole with the tip of his cock and then sucks his sweet dick some more until he’s ready to fuck him, then spreads that ass open and slides his thick meat inside. Tyrese slowly strokes his own member while Nicko is inside him, letting Nicko take him hard until Tyrese shoots a huge load all over himself. After seeing that cumshot, Nicko pulls out and drains his dick too!


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