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MilitaryClassified – Alton 2

February 22, 2017 | MilitaryClassified , | no comments

MilitaryClassified Alton 2

Download MilitaryClassified – Alton 2 with Direct link.

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ALTON has returned and I was happy to see him back at my front door! Alton comes back for another round of rob’s mouth! Yep! He contacted me recently and said that he needed money but also wanted to give this bj thing another try! Apparently the last one left quite an impression. Watch as Rob gives Alton some oral attention that he definitely isn’t accustomed too but certainly was looking forward too another time!
The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, there he is, ole blue eyes and I immediately smiled and invited this boy into my home knowing I would have his cock in my mouth soon! Alton is a cutie, my type for sure, so i was a little enamored by his charm also because when you have a cute face and a nice weiner.. well you’re aces with me!
Once we got down to basics we took some great photos in my living room and then made our way down to my bedroom where it was familiar to him and he felt comfortable with what was about to happen. It didn’t take long before the cameras were rolling and Alton was butt naked in front of me with a half hard on waiting for me to get down on my knees.
I sucked this boy like there was no tomorrow and I wasted no time in getting him so horny that I had to stand him up and let him take his aggressions out on my mouth as he drove his cock balls deep down my throat. Minute by minute, Rob began to suck faster and faster incorporating his mouth and hand together that drove Alton crazy and to the point of no return!
I sat him back down to finish the job and Alton was now with a serious look on his face and a hard on that was dripping pre cum! I continued my pounding of his cock with my mouth and it didn’t take long before he was giving me the warning once again. This time I ignored his pleas and increased my attack until I knew he was ready to erupt and erupt he did! Watch this young boy deliver a load and half for Rob.


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