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AlphaMale – Leo Domenico and Adam Herst

February 27, 2017 | AlphaMales , , | no comments

AlphaMale Leo Domenico and Adam Herst

Download AlphaMale – Leo Domenico and Adam Herst with Direct link.

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Adam gets to the office early morning but he’s still suffering from last night football match. What he needs is a good deep massage! He knows it’s Leo’s strength and calls Trojan to book a massage by him. He gets to the appointment and is greeted by a shorts wearing Leo; exactly what he was hoping for. He lays on the table and lets him get on with his work. Leo oils and massages the beefy American man’s back.. legs.. rump. Adam has a beautiful meaty ass and Leo can’t stop himself from exploring what lies hidden between the two mounds of flesh. The fingers gliding on his hole result in a massive hard on Adam’s part and Leo pulls his cock between his legs for a gentle hand massage before turning Adam on his back and continuing the massage with his mouth while stimulating his insides with his finger. Adam enjoys the double service but he is more interested in what lies hidden under the tight white shorts, so he reaches down and pulls Leo’s hard cock out. Leo moves round and feeds his own meat to the hungry mouth. Adam then turns on all fours to suck him better and offer his hole for more stimulation. Leo fingers him a bit more but soon switches fingers for tongue. He works the hole loose enough to be able to push his cock to the base in one go. He fucks him hard and deep from the back, using the table to prop his leg up to open his hole more and then they switch to Adam on his back, his ass hanging from the edge of the table and Leo holding his legs up while fucking the hell out of him. Adam sprays his load on himself while being fucked and Leo follows suit and shoots a massive thick load all the way to Adam’s shoulder and pecs.


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