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TwinksinShorts – Martin Polnak & Danny Mendez

TwinksinShorts Martin Polnak Danny Mendez

Download TwinksinShorts – Martin Polnak & Danny Mendez with Direct link.

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Danny Mendez tells us he’s about to get a massage from Martin Polnak and invites to watch. Like we had much of a choice. The tall slender twink wrangled us into a filming session and when we saw what he was packing, we were VERY happy he persisted! Danny isn’t just hung. He’s got a H-U-G-E fat uncut monster cock that’s juicy and mouthwatering. He eagerly places himself in Martin’s experienced hands. Martin, who pours oil onto his hands and gets Danny all slippery, sensually kneads the eager twink’s body, giving him a handjob in the process. But Danny wants more. He slips Martin’s cock into his mouth, making the erotic masseur moan. Martin, barely able to focus on the task at hand — literally! — regains control, flipping Danny onto his belly and pulling off his sexy fetish underwear. He’s soon teasing Danny’s eager young ass, teasing his hole with slippery fingers before inserting a beaded toy inside the puckered starburst. After a while however, Danny flips onto his back again, toy now gone, and sucks Martin as if his life depended on it. He deepthroats and milks the handsome young man while Martin strokes Danny’s enormous tool with both hands. Unable to hold back from cumming, Martin shoots a load inside Danny’s hungry mouth, feeding the little pig, which was what the cocksucking twink wanted all along. Martin then goes back to jerking off Danny, who eventually takes over and gets himself off, his big balls mesmerizing as they bounce up and down, now drained of twink jizz.


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