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BeefCakeHunter – Making Colorado young dude bust twice

July 27, 2017 | BeefCakeHunter | 2 comments

BeefCakeHunter Making Colorado young dude bust twice

Download BeefCakeHunter – Making Colorado young dude bust twice with Direct link.

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Well, let me start by stating that making Colorado young dude bust twice video, was made last April after Beefcake Ryan just turned 18. I thought not to post it because he did not really act like the usual Beefcake that I hire at BeefCakeHunter land. I hope you guys understand what I mean, but it would be a shame to hide to the world his pretty face, fit body and personality! Besides I am pretty sure that some Hunters are very into his type and I found this as a different fresh experience.

Beefcake Ryan likes to work with dirt bikes and exercise, this gig was perfect for him to get some bucks for his hobby. Also to get attention of his efforts to look good, I don’t think he lacks any attention with his looks at all, but for sure he was due a blow job, by his own words he hasn’t had any sex for more than a year. No wonder when I got on my knees and I started touching his cock under his shorts he got a quick bonner! Even though his cock is not big, is a nice cock paired with beautiful balls, can’t get enough of playing with them!

Making Colorado young dude bust twice was not my intention, with one bust would’ve been enough for me but after rubbing his hairy legs, playing with his sweaty balls and starting very slowly sucking then suddenly change to fast, was too much pleasure for this very young Beefcake that he couldn’t hold it anymore, and while I was complimenting him, he just came right there. I just enjoyed the moment watching that big load and his facial expressions, a mix of guiltiness and pleasure, and I tried to make him feel fine, no big deal, after all he was much willing to continue shooting.

Noting Beefcake Ryan willingness, I ventured to worship a lot his chest, his legs, feet, armpits, almost his whole body. I know some won’t forgive me to have skipped the rimming but at some point, I thought I was exceeding myself lol.

At that point, I knew how to make this young cutie cum again, and that is exactly what I did. He warned me, I swallowed and I put it back on his belly, his moaning was awesome! And I believe that he could have easily gone to the 3rd round lol. I hope you guys enjoy the making Colorado young dude bust twice video!


  1. Jack says: August 5, 2017

    Hi Admin,

    please hope you would upload the latest from BCH pleaseeee.
    thanks in advance.


    • Lucas (Mod) says: August 5, 2017

      Added 🙂 enjoy

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