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MilitaryClassified – Trevor 2

March 13, 2018 | MilitaryClassified , | no comments

MilitaryClassified Trevor 2

Download MilitaryClassified – Trevor 2 with Direct link.

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You all recognize this new stud I’ve added to the line up and today he has returned because he’s in dire need of some money so he can head out to a new job out of state. He was definitely down for another bj so I thought I would introduced TREVOR to the glory hole and it was his first time. Watch as TREVOR relinquishes his nut to the glory hole master Rob who promptly swallowed every drop! Don’t forget to wipe your mouth Rob!
When Trevor arrived to my studios the Glory Hole was set up in the family room and Trevor looked at it and said “what’s that?” Once I sat down and explained how the scene was going to go down he was actually quietly interested to see exactly how good this glory hole was. I had him sit down outside the glory hole watching his favorite pussy porn on the 80″ screen. The porn is HUGE!
Once he got himself all riled up he stood up and made his way to the glory hole where I was already waiting for his cock to pop through. Sure enough his wide 7 incher popped through the hole and that thick piece of meat was calling my name and I wasted no time putting my lips on that sucker and began to suck away. I must have gone ape shit on Trevor because his cock was ROCK hard and I could see he couldn’t keep still as I made him draw closer to the nut I was hoping to bring out.
Trevor was beginning to break down from the BJ and I imagine its quite exciting to have your dick totally gobbled on and not even be able to see the face… a straight man’s dream! Well Trevor’s butt cheeks began to clinch from the outside as he pushed his cock further through the hole hoping to bury it deeper down my warm throat.
In the end Trevor couldn’t hold back from the relentless pounding that Rob gave Trevor’s cock. He was at a point where he wasn’t going to be coming back from as I intensified my attack and I could tell by the way he was shaking the glory hole that he was about to bust. I can’t really see the face so its hard to know when that nut is coming… so… well… I swallowed it! oh well


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