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BeefCakeHunter – Sexy Antonio trying new hole

August 9, 2018 | BeefCakeHunter , | no comments

BeefCakeHunter Sexy Antonio trying new hole

Download BeefCakeHunter – Sexy Antonio trying new hole with Direct link.

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Sexy Antonio trying new hole is here at the BCH arena!

Charming Beefcake Antonio is back as he promised us, and I couldn’t be happier to take him to the BeefCakeHunter Headquarter bedroom to have fun again.

Like always, he is such a trip, always smiling and making any conversation a nice experience. This time I learned that he loves sex every day, but also, he could get tired of the same hole over and over. Well, at least he admits it lol, fortunately my “hole” still brand new territory for his “mean Cuban plantain” like some Hunters call his beautiful cock! So here we have Sexy Antonio trying new hole!

While on my knees and ready to service his manhood, we still laughing about the simplest things. When that happens to any cocksucker that means that, the guy is yours for the enjoyment, right? Any cocksuckers around here at BCH? Lol just kidding I know you all are LOL.

After sucking him at the edge at the bed, I made him lay down, so we can appreciate his whole body. Then I asked his help to put on the condom while I was still feasting on his dick, I loved when he asked me how I wanted to start, how nice was that? Of course, I wanted to ride him, and here I am going to make a pause in the description of the video to apologize about me losing the clip containing the other angle of the riding scene, the part where you can watch his face as well, I don’t know how that happened! I wanted cry! I almost didn’t post this part, but at least it’s from the angle showing, you can watch what a good riding it was!

Then I got on my fours to receive his pounding, thinking that it may be a short one, but sexy Antonio could fuck for long! I am not complaining about it, it was good, but at the end he got my man-pussy sore! It was worth it, because he came that way and I wasn’t sure if he was done or just stopped until I felt his thick warm sperm pouring down my butt, what an amazing sensation!

I am so glad he enjoyed my extra tight pussy, like he called my hole, and I hope you guys also have enjoyed this Sexy Antonio trying new hole video!


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