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How To Stay Motivated Through Covid 19

How to Stay Motivated through COVID-19.

If you’re anything like me your first thoughts when you heard “stay at home” indefinitely consisted of wondering how you were going to pass time and keep yourself motivated to get work done from home. Adjusting my home from a place of relaxation and fun, to a productive working environment wasn’t a part of my game plan, but there have been a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

  • Get Dressed.

While staying in your pajamas all day sounds like the easy (and comfy) way out, you’re losing a key component to your old routine. A simple task such as getting dressed for the day has the ability to shift your mindset.

  • Find a New Hobby or Perfect an Old One.

Downtime means time for self-exploration and filling free time with activities. While everyone enjoys taking naps and binging shows , choosing a few activities to keep your brain or body active will not only pass time but get some endorphins flowing. Look into cooking, card games, puzzles, etc. or check out some new work out.

  • Netflix & chill.

The magic of the internet allows you to stream content in 4K, so go for it. Streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and hotstar have a stacked catalogue for you to choose from.

  • Do bodyweight exercises.

Okay, so you can’t exactly hit the gym or yoga studio right now, but what you can do is find the perfect exercise class or fitness app online.

  • Dance is a great way to burn calories.

Take the time to create a playlist of your favorite songs to dance to, and you can even set aside a certain time of day to ‘just dance’.

  • Try something new in the bedroom.

Nothing relieves stress and adds some fun like some good sex and thanks to the quarantine you don’t have to resort to quickies to get your fix.

  • Staying connected despite isolation.

Pick up the phone and call a parent, friend, or co worker. Remember the phone? A long time ago it was used for a lot more than just texting and Instagram. Speaking to someone can give you that human connection you are seeking.

We have always been your friend in need. As a Gay Porn Blog, for Gay,Bi people in worldwide, here at Gaybeeg we are closely monitoring the current situation with Covid 19!!

Dear Gaybeeg family, fans and Lovers, Stay safe!!!!

Always yours,
Lou, Lucas Lexcy and all Gaybeeg Team


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  8. Lois says: May 4, 2020

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  9. Theo Phoenix says: May 4, 2020

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  14. Viko says: May 6, 2020

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