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ChaosMen – Julian Brady Bottoms For Kyle Wyncrest RAW

ChaosMen Julian Brady Bottoms For Kyle Wyncrest RAW

Download ChaosMen – Julian Brady Bottoms For Kyle Wyncrest RAW with Direct link.


Julian Brady was so awesome to work with on his first visit, I got him back as soon as I could, and paired him with Kyle Wyncrest.

I am a little Bottom-heavy right now, and Kyle Wyncrest is such a great Top, that I have been keeping him on Top duty. He may bottom in the future, but for now, I am putting his topping skills to great use.

And these guys look amazing together! Excellent bodies with nice abs, and with nearly matching cocks.

The last video Julian Brady ejaculated from getting fucked, but didn’t seem like it was a big deal. Before getting started I told him to play with his cock more often. Apparently, in the past, he just ‘took it’ and didn’t try to get any pleasure from it.

Through out the shoot I would remind him or Kyle Wyncrest to stroke his dick.

At the end, while getting fucked doggie-style, I asked if was feeling good enough for him to cum. He gave a resounding, “Yes!”

This video is one of the few fuck videos where both guys ejaculated at nearly the same time. AND Julian seemed very impressed with the sensation.

Kyle Wyncrest, who always has trouble NOT cumming, pounded his ass until Julian Brady called out that he was cumming. The load just kept dripping out of his cock. Kyle kept fucking for about 30 seconds longer, pulled-out, shot a bit of cum on his hole, and then finally pushed the load into Julian’s ass.

I edited it all in one camera shot underneath. I show the other angles too, along with my balding head right there! Sorry!

This video is terrific all the way though! But, I have to say, their cum shots are nearly perfect and should be in the top 10 of the sites history!


  1. RojoDick says: May 23, 2020

    Abs-licking nice. 🍹

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